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The healer


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  • Image of The healer
  • Image of The healer
  • Image of The healer

Acrylic on canvas


Years have built shells of fragile armor. You put your all into the hands shaking like something that could care less. It's up to you. I have the sight of soaring lies and made the roof with leaves that listen only for the drought. I kept it close but gave it nothing to feed off of. It wasn't me this time. It wasn't me when it was me. When will it be the shoving of head ups and long strides? When will it be to let it pour what you are waiting for. I sent it drifting and watch as I run forward to always capture the on going attraction. Im ok with missing it. It's never really what forces me to be this way. I trust. Faith in going chest first into the open feild. I'm HERE! I screamed as I peeled back to let all feast on my flesh. Scared but yet facing it when it comes time to say whats been eating at me. I know of one that takes that fear and brings the revealing heap lodged in the throat trying to just make a slow leak become a breath that has been waiting for the womb to give way and present the world that's been starving to death.Years to come to free the ribs that have been given too much compression. Bruised core. It's a matter of time now. I take just what needs. There are hearts in the ears giving me the chance to tell on myself. I have been given something that I promise to always allow to be. Sprouting life love me like I know how. Watch as it becomes close enough to become you. What's shared can only be understood and given a home to flourish. Rock to ease, rock to know this is whats difficult to move. But rock to be thrown to break the panes that make a window marked with soot and become clearer after spoken. The healer is made. The healer made me. The healer I am❤️